Karplus-Strong synthesis and randomness

[audioplayer file=”″ titles=”Karplus-Strong Experiment 2″ artists=”Andre Hayter”]This is the second installment of a sound a day. It is a bit longer. I have now implemented a continuous randomization of the note values and durations in the sequencer, as well as the delay times in the K-S algorithm. It has an intriguing quality now. It never repeats and yet is quite rhythmic which makes your mind try to assign patterns. There are fleeting bits of pattern that are tantalizing without actually going anywhere and yet I find it quite fascinating to listen to. I have created two copies with independent timings and sent one to the left channel and one the right. The polyrhythms and occasional harmony add to the nagging feeling that something is happening that makes some sense, and yet it is driven by random number generators and filtered noise generators. It feels a bit fractal to me although there is nothing really fractal about it. It will be interesting to see if adding a fractal nature to the “patterns” sounds more interesting. By this I mean creating nested rhythmical and harmonic blocks. I’ll give it a go and post the results here soon.

Again this is the dry sound coming out of Pure Data. I have attached the patch for anyone who is interested.

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