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Creating a synth toy in HTML5 and Javascript

It’s been a while since posting…life eh! Anyway, I’ve been actively working on a synth toy/tool that works in the browser using only HTML5 and Javascript (and jQuery [yes this is also js :P], mainly to speed things up). It is here:

I have made no attempt yet at UI design or even any kind of prettiness, just getting the functionality squared away. This borrows heavily from a blog post by Steven Wittens for how to create and manipulate the audio samples.

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Facebook Select All Bookmarklet

For some reason Facebook seems to think that its users love clicking and so refuses to give us a Select All button (is that part of the monetization scheme? are they going to charge for it?) Anyway I can’t stand it, so I found a little bookmarklet that will invite all your friends.

The one I found worked well but it selected everyone, even those who were already members, so I altered it so it would only select friends who needed the invite. Follow the steps below to create the bookmarklet that makes this work. The instructions are for Firefox, but should be similar for other browsers.

How to create a Firefox Bookmarklet The best way to do it would be to add this as a browser bookmarklet. So in FireFox:

  1. Right click next to your other bookmarklets and select New Bookmark.
  2. In the Name field type: FaceBook Select All (or whatever you want)
  3. In the Location field copy and paste the code you see below in the code box exactly as it is. You can leave the KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION field blank. They aren’t necessary.

    javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object' && elms[fid].className != 'disabled'){[fid]);}}
  4. Hit Add.

You can also just drag this link to your bookmark toolbar: FB Select All

Now wherever you are adding friends to an event or group using the Facebook friend selector you can click the bookmarklet and it will select everyone who is not already a member.