What follows is a partial catalog of music I have created or been a part of creating.

Gulf War

This track was created through a circular process of reinterpretation. In 2008 I created a video to go along with the piece “Gulf War” by JacobTV. This was shown during WAGING PEACE IN TIMES OF WAR: a multimedia event organized by and featuring music by James Carlson. I then took the video and (with the intention of forgetting the original sound entirely) created a new piece of music. This was not meant to go with the video, but to be inspired by it and to stand alone. I played, recorded, mangled and mixed everything.
Coalescence, Reverberation

These tracks are from an album recorded by the band Telescope that was never released. I recorded and mixed with invaluable input from the rest of the band. Lyrics by Matt Urmy, music by Telescope.
Matt Urmy – Guitar, Vocals
Christina Horn – Keys, Vocals
Nathan Barrett – Percussion
Andre Hayter – Bass
Given – Jodie Manross Band

I was a member of the Jodie Manross Band for several years, as bass player and producer on “Going Somewhere Soon”. This track was recorded live at Murphy’s in North Carolina.
Jodie Manross – Vocals
Laith Keilany – Guitar
Nathan Barrett – Congasaurus Rex
Andre Hayter – Bass

I made this piece for a dance choreographed by Angela Hill and set on the Woolgoolga Dance Company “Pro Co”. It is based on the idea of creating a sand Mandala and then returning it to the universe. I played, recorded and mixed everything.

This is a track for a contemporary ballet piece by Angela Hill set on Appalachian Ballet Company. Again all done by me.