What follows is a partial catalog of music I have created or been a part of creating.

Gulf War

This track was created through a circular process of reinterpretation. In 2008 I created a video to go along with the
piece “Gulf War” by JacobTV. This was
multimedia event organized by and featuring music by James Carlson. I then took the video and
(with the intention of forgetting the original sound entirely) created a new piece of music. This was not meant to
go with the video, but to be inspired by it and to stand alone. I played, recorded, mangled and mixed everything.
Coalescence, Reverberation

These tracks are from an album recorded by the band Telescope that was never released. I recorded and mixed with
invaluable input from the rest of the band. Lyrics by Matt Urmy, music by Telescope.
Matt Urmy – Guitar, Vocals
Christina Horn – Keys, Vocals
Nathan Barrett – Percussion
Andre Hayter – Bass
Given – Jodie Manross Band

of the Jodie Manross Band for several
years, as bass player and producer on “Going Somewhere Soon”. This track was recorded live at Murphy’s in North Carolina.
Jodie Manross – Vocals
Laith Keilany – Guitar
Nathan Barrett – Congasaurus Rex Andre Hayter – Bass

I made this piece
for a dance choreographed by Angela Hill and set on the Woolgoolga Dance Company “Pro Co”. It is based on the idea
of creating a sand Mandala and then returning it to the universe. I played, recorded and mixed everything.

This is a track
for a contemporary ballet piece by Angela Hill set on Appalachian Ballet Company. Again all done by me.