About AH Squared

AH Squared is a collaboration between multi-media/sound artist Andre Hayter and dancer/choreographer/teacher Angela Hill.

André Hayter is a musician with over thirteen years of experience in performance, composition and production. He is co-director for AH Squared/Dance+Music, a partnership of interactive multimedia performance that he shares with choreographer Angela Hill. Since 2002 they have collaborated on fifteen original pieces including works for video and for motion sensing technology. André has created numerous original scores for dance and accompanies dance classes with a blend of acoustic and laptop-generated electronic instrumentation. His work for dance has been presented in Sydney with the Dirty Feet Dance Collective and the Short, Sweet & Dance Festival and in the U.S. at Regional Dance America and American College Dance Festivals. He toured the Southeastern U.S. as a bass player with groups such as the Jodie Manross Band and has recorded and produced several projects in his studio. André has created and engineered interactive technologies including work for performance with motion-triggered sound via infrared, bend and touch sensors. He was commissioned by the Knoxville Museum of Art of Tennessee in 2006 to create Plant 42, a responsive sculpture of metal, light and sound. André has also done multimedia support and consultation for several arts organizations. He lives and works in Sydney, has a Master’s degree from COFA, UNSW in Digital Media and has a daughter named Amélie.

Angela Hill is a dancer, teacher and award winning choreographer who has spent the last fifteen years performing and presenting work throughout the U.S. and most recently in Sydney with the Short, Sweet & Dance Festival and Dirty Feet Dance Collective. She is co-director for AH Squared/Dance+Music, a partnership of interactive multimedia performance with musician André Hayter. Angela has trained with world renowned professionals and performed in the works of New York based choreographers Ronald K. Brown, Sean Curran, Jennifer Tsukayama and Mark Lamb. Angela was with Circle Modern Dance of Knoxville, Tennessee for ten years and serving as Associate Artistic Director in 2005. Her choreography has been commissioned by several companies and universities in the Southeastern U.S. and in New South Wales. Her work has been recognized by Regional Dance America, receiving their National Choreographic Award in 2004 and the Commissioning Project Fellowship in 2003. She holds a BFA in Dance Education from Arizona State University and was on the dance faculty at the Wesley Institute and the University of Tennessee. She began Dance Shed, an informal feedback showing platform in 2008.