Workout Log – Heavy Lower Body Workout

I am trying out adding in some heavy lifting days intermingled with the whole body bodyweight exercise days. I am getting these workouts from Eric Cressey’s book “Maximum Strength” [Amazon, Fishpond].

I am also trying out logging the workouts using the JEFIT(web) Android (app). So far it seems pretty awesome. Almost every exercise you want is preloaded. Very quick and easy to create routines, workouts in that routine (add exercises, customise reps/weights/rest). Also very speedy entering in the logs as you go, with integrated rest timer between sets, and supersetting available (haven’t tried that yet).

Exercise Name Weight (kg) x Reps [sets,]
 Barbell Squat To A Bench 90.0×4, 100.0×4, 110.0×4, 110.0×4, 110.0×2
 Barbell Deadlift 70.0×2, 70.0×2, 70.0×2, 80.0×2, 80.0×2, 80.0×2, 80.0×2, 80.0×2
 Dumbbell Walking Lunges 25.0×8, 20.0×8, 20.0×8, 20.0×8
 Reverse Crunch 12, 12, 12
 Prone bridge 30sec, 30sec, 45 sec

Pretty good workout, feeling the legs a bit right now!

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  1. Never really liked the reverse crunch, especially not when it looks like this is suppose to be some sort of “strength” day for you…

    I think you’d be better off doing the plank (add a weight on your back for extra load).

  2. Thanks for the comment. I was doing the workout straight from the book, but I do remember not really liking that part of the workout. I prefer hanging leg raises or toes to bar for ab work anyway. Need to get back into planking more too Haven’t tried it weighted, yet, good idea!

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