When it rains it pours

I made up a patch in Pure Data that allows me to control the elements…mwaahhaahaha! Well, it allows me to create the sounds of the elements actually. Angela and I led a master class at Sydney Dance studios today. Angela led and I accompanied. I created music with a mixture of beats running from Ableton Live and played Bass and Tenor Bass (this is my Samick Bass with tenor strings…basically guitar strings long enough and thick enough to put on a bass). I love the sound of my tenor bass. It’s like a guitar with tons of fundamental! It’s a bit hard to play, but worth it. With this setup I created a mix of algorithmic glitch and techno and rock and even a bit of afrobeat.

There was one section of the class however that featured an improv based on the four elements (earth, air, fire and water). So for that part I layered some ambient musical sounds with sounds of…earth, air, fire and water.

So here is a bit of playing around with this patch to create a rainstorm (no music here). There are no samples used, it is all generated in real time and manipulated by me. The sounds are all created by the filtering and other mangling of white noise generators.

This patch borrows heavily from Andy Farnell’s tutorials on those sounds. Here is the patch.

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