Ago Ame Episode 1: 9 Oct 2012

I’m going to use Spotify to track the playlists from my radio show, it’s quick and easy compared to entering it all here, and this way hopefully some more cash will distributed to some more musicians, and I can spread the word a bit wider about some of these artists. This isn’t really episode 1, I’ve been doing the show for over a year, but it’s the first playlist on Spotify, so…hey changing the date of the world has been done a few times, I think it’s okay for me to do this ;-P.

Ago Ame on 2MBS ( Listen every other Monday night at midnight (tuesday morning) for african music from everyhwere. Also check spotify for the playlists from the show.

Ago Ame #8

I plan to document my radio show on 2MBS here from now on (at least until we build a site for the Contemporary Music Collective). I’ll be putting a tracklisting and an mp3 of the show. Last night was the eighth installment of the show and I tried something a bit different. I chose 7 artists and played 2 tracks from each back to back. I think this lets you get into the flow of the style a bit more, rather than jumping around so much. I don’t know yet if I’ll do that every time, but it seemed to work quite well. Let me know what you think about this.

Ago Ame #8 – 17.01.2011:

Artist Album Track Length
Soweto String Quartet Zebra Crossing Mbayi Mbayi 02’39
Soweto String Quartet Zebra Crossing Shut up and Listen 02’31
Soweto Gospel Choir African Spirit Africa 02’32
Soweto Gospel Choir African Spirit Izwi Lahlab’Inhlizoyo Yami 02’51
King Sunny Ade E Dide E dide e Mujo 04’14
King Sunny Ade E Dide Oshodi Oke 03’24
Tinariwen Imidiwan Enseqi Ehad Didagh 05’38
Tinariwen Imidiwan Assuf ag Assuf 04’51
Rachid Taha Diwan 2 Maydoum 05’58
Rachid Taha Diwan 2 Ghanni Li Shwaya 05’32
Fela Kuti Fela Fela Fela Ako 02’41
Fela Kuti Fela Fela Fela Eko 04’12
1 Giant Leap 1 Giant Leap Dunya Salam 02’53
1 Giant Leap 1 Giant Leap Bushes 06’34

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